Electric smokers- How to smoke corn

When you meet people you not only meet them you even meet their likes and dislikes, I’m a person who can’t stay at home I love travelling and meeting new people it’s like I get to know about other cultures and especially food but apart from food when I met new people I learn different ways of cooking and I think everything that I mentioned above is fun, one is meet a stranger and to be honest now is not a stranger so she taught me a recipe and I was shocked to see how simple the recipe was so I thought each and everyone in this world must know about it.

Ingredients needed –

1. Olive oil (¼ cup)
2. Onion (¼ cup)
3. Butter
4. Corn

1. You need to remove the silk and keep the husks.
2. Take a pot and fill it with icy water.
3. Place corn inside the pot.
4. You need to allow the ears to stay in the cold water for about 2 hours.
5. Once you take the ears out just dry them with the help of a towel.
6. You need to rub oil on all the kernels that you have.
7. It’s time you take the onion slices and place them on cobs once set cover them using husks.
8. Prepare your Masterbuilt 20070311 electric smoker.
9. The temperature must be 225 degrees.
10. Once you reach 225 degrees of temperature place ears in the smoker.
11. While placing keep it in mind that there must be sufficient space between all the ears.
12. After 30 minutes take the ears out and place a teaspoon of butter under the husk of the ear and do it carefully.
13. Repeat step number 12 after about 30 minutes.

14.You need to smoke your corn again for at least 30 minutes.

Coming to an end I have some stuff to say, while you cook, grill, smoke or anything else just keep in mind that you can do it and even if it tastes bad you will try again I had seen people leave cooking because when they tried cooking something, it didn’t feel well. If the first time doesn’t go well it’s okay people life is not ending here.

I once had a friend who didn’t cook well but now he is a chef and what else would anyone want? How is he a chef? Because he never left trying, he kept trying, and he never stopped putting efforts, and that’s how you should always deal with situations, life is simple if you look at it as if it is simple.

Make a mindset that everything in this world is as easy as the recipe mentioned above and you won’t ever fail, I know many of you cook for fun, and some of you see cooking as your career and cooking as a career choice is great.
Coming to the recipe, you can fry some onions, tomatoes and have some lemon while serving the dish as all of this expands the yumminess, happy eating guys. I love eating, and I hope you too enjoy eating.

Grilling recipes for the summer

Hey, people, the summer season is back and so are some amazing grilling recipes back in trend, they not only look amazing but taste amazing as well. Summers are always fun, I don’t know about you but yes I find them to be great like you can have a beach party and I love beaches and of course partying so without wasting further time I m going to share some recipes with you.

5 Dishes Grilled chicken cutlets


  • Garlic (3 minced cloves)
  • rosemary (minced, three tablespoons)
  • lemons (02 tablespoons)
  • virgin olive oil (06 tablespoons)
  • black pepper
  • kosher salt
  • skinless n boneless breasts (04 tablespoons)


  • Take a large bowl and add rosemary, juice of lemon, oil, and garlic.
  • Add pepper and salt in the bowl.
  • Take another bowl and transfer the mixture to it but only half and keep half of the mixture aside.
  • Put breasts in the bowl and coat it properly with the mixture
  • .Put covered breasts on the hot side of your grill keep rotating occasionally, I said switch and not flipping keep it in your mind while performing.
  • After 4 minutes flip the breasts only for 30 seconds.
  • Once done with the grilling part, place grilled breast pieces on a plate
  • Bring the left over mixture and put it on the grilled breasts.
    Serve warm.
  • Slow –smoked porterhouse steaks recipe


  • Porterhouse steaks(02,1 ½ inch thick)
  • Black pepper
  • Kosher salt
  • Hickory hardwood


  • Use pepper and salt to season your porterhouse steaks.
  • Use three skewers so that steaks stay stable, insert skewers into your steaks.
  • Use chimney starter and burn eight coals in total, place on the grate.
  • Turn one burner on and put two chunks on the top.
  • It’s time you cover your grill, keeping the bottom and top vents closed.
  • The temperature must be around 175 degrees to 200 degrees.
  • Grill your steaks till the temperature goes down to 110 degrees to about 115 degrees.
  • Turn one chimney on, full of coals.
  • Place your steaks directly on the hot side of your grill.
  • Cook for about 40 to 45 seconds.
  • After 45 seconds flip and grill for 45 seconds more
  • Remove, cut and serve hot.

Apart from these two recipes, there are three more dishes, and they are way too simple and way too delicious. The three amazing recipes are-

  • Grilled asparagus with aioli
  • Thai-style grilled chicken
  • Simple grilled-potato salad

These three recipes are way too much easy and are very much similar to the ones I explained in details. You know anyone can make the amazingly delicious recipe even if they are making it for the first time, how? Simple you just need to have that thing within yourself that says “ come on pal you can do it, you can make any dish in this world you just require time and concentration and you are ready to go” all you need is a voice like this, and you can create it, how? By simply gaining confidence. Be confident this summer and shock everyone with your amazing recipes and you know what? You can even invent one, some spices here and there some new ingredients and you turn into an inventor.

Grilled asian garlic steak skewers

I love simple dishes, ones which don’t have long recipes and in which I don’t have to do much. I have one such recipe, short and simple. Some people be like “oh lord it’s so simple it would not taste up to the mark” so the answer to people who think this way is that no guys simple things can sometimes taste better than you can think I’m very much serious about it. If you don’t trust me just read the ingredients once.

1. Sirloin steak (1 ½ pounds)
2. Onion (01)
3. Soy sauce (01 cups)
4. Garlic (06 minced cloves)
5. Sesame oil( ¼ cup)
6. Vegetable oil (½ cup)
7. Sugar (½ cup)
8. Ginger (01 tablespoons)
9. Sesame seeds (02 tablespoons)
10. Green onions
11. Skewers

Done reading the ingredients? Found anything which is actually not available in your kitchen? See I think now you would understand how simple this recipe is and I m sure while reading the instructions you would fall in love with it

1. Make cubes of steak by cutting them.
2. Red onion needs to be chopped in large size.
3. Take a large bowl and put minced garlic, seeds, soy sauce, both the oils. Mix all the ingredients properly.
4. Add toss and steak in the marinade.
5. Leave it for overnight.
6. Preheat the grill
7. Thread sliced red onions and your meat on the skewers.
8. Grill them for about 10 minutes.
I love eating and cooking is not my forte I like relaxing I don’t even like eating on my own I so wish I had somebody who would feed and all I will need to do it open my mouth and chew and I know that it can’t happen I m a 25 year old adult I can’t live like an infant so I found a way where I don’t need to work much and that’s the dish that I gave you details about, it’s easy to make, it doesn’t require chef skills, doesn’t need you to go shopping for the ingredients so again you can rest at home.

I’m way too lazy and I’m proud of my laziness, people think that being lazy is a curse but my lovely readers it is not, it’s a blessing in disguise if you are lazy you try finding ways which make work easy for you and isn’t it great? I don’t know about you but for me it is, I hate getting up in the morning and cooking.

Being hell lazy I started feeling I don’t need food but that’s something shitty because I love eating I can’t break up with food and it’s that simple. I have a bunch of yummy recipes which don’t take much time and much efforts. I can share all of them with all of you and I would but not in a go slowly and slowly.
Here I m going to end this article as all I know right now is this much only, next time when I will write something that would be easier, want to know why? Because I m going to stay lazy forever and I need tricks to be happy with my laziness.

5 Most popular BBQ joints across the globe

 One of the most loved love affairs is said to be between BBQ and a foodie don’t you think so? With increasing lovers the trend of BBQ has also increased tremendously with increasing love for BBQ, BBQ joints have also increased in number but what about the most popular ones? Everybody in this world wants to eat the best don’t you think so? Don’t you wish to eat world’s best BBQ? I don’t know about you, but I seriously want to and to satisfy this desire of me I have made a list of 5 world’s best and most popular BBQ joints and so have I packed my bags because I want to try all these 5 places as soon as I can I don’t want to miss a single place.

The list of 5 most popular BBQ joints is given below –

  1. Blue ribbon BBQ – everyone who loves BBQ should visit this place for once, people in blue ribbon smoke pork shoulders for about 14 hours, how cool is that? Smoking something till the time it falls apart only at last BBQ is all about happiness, magic, and slow cooking or wait is slow cooking the magic?  People in blue ribbon BBQ even serve beef brisket with oak, and the fun part is that they smoke beef brisket also for minimum 14 hours they also serve dry- rubbed chicken thighs ( boneless ) and much more.
  2. Heirloom Market BBQ – ever heard about this place? If not then this is the day when I m going to tell you about one of the places where you can feel as if you are in heaven and when I say this you have to trust me you would never regret going to this place people love the smoked turkey they serve and more to it everything on the menu is super good. You need to try all of the menus and give it a review in your on your own and again saying don’t forget to order the smoked turkey when you visit this place.
  3. Smoque BBQ – smoke BBQ is said to be one of the most recognized and loved BBQ joints in Chicago, smoke BBQ  serves you its flavor as it keeps mixing different styles and once you mix two different styles you get something new and amazing.
  4. Double j Smokehouse and saloon – double j Smokehouse and Saloon is a great place to visit they offer great pork steaks to their costumers, and they even have two types of ribs one dry and the other wet
  5. Skylight Inn BBQ – I hope all my readers know about this great place if not then let me tell you local people call this place as  “Pete Jones’ BBQ” because of Pete Jone the owner, you know he was just 17 when he opened this place, and the former president gave him an award , he serves worlds best hog pork that too with corn bread and I think slaw too .

These five joints are amazing, I wish to visit all of these joints and soon I would.

What’s the wine and BBQ tour?

Before knowing about what’s there in the wine and BBQ tour lets first know the beautiful history, you would be thinking how history can be fascinating history always be boring, but that’s not true once you would get done with reading the story you would understand why I called it to be a beautiful history, Joe sink, publisher of the dispatch was discussing about his love for the festivals in 1980’s and, to be honest, he wasn’t aware that his discussion would actually lead to hosting the most wanted, most famous food festival .

October 27, 1984, the first event, the festival was organized, and all loved it. Doesn’t it sound great to know that a discussion can turn out to be some great fun? More to it now October is seen as barbecue month, and all the credit goes to the conference, to Joe sink, Tokay sanitising, and to Kay’s daughter now the food festival is seen as an annual tradition , now it would be taking place for the 34th time as usual on the last Saturday of October which 28th October .

Surprisingly the festival starts from the first day of the month itself before the grand finale – the festive day.

The month of October is a month full of events, and for all the October lovers the list of events is given below –
1. Pig- the annual cycling event
2. Golf tournament
3. Fishing tournament
4. Petanque tournament
5. The Pepsi “ pig tales” writing competition
6. Que up! Brew up! – Live music, food trucks, etc
7. Hawg run
8. Car show extravaganza
9. Hogway Speedway
10. Purina pro plan performance team dog show
11. Barbecue tents
12. Souvenir tent
13. Bicycle stunt shows
14. “ Festival chop shop” lumberjack sports show

For all the BBQ and wine lovers here, I m sharing the most loved menu of all the time –
1. Chopped sandwiches
2. Hot dogs
3. Pigtail fries
4. Wine garden
5. Fine swine wine – specially made wine by Mark Fris Zolo ki, the award winning wine maker

Did you think I would share the entire menu? Bad for you or maybe good for you, surprises are always good I believe but yes I can tell you about the special attractions, the list of special attraction is given below –

• Annual sand sculpture
• Juried arts and crafts
• Bicycle stunt shows
• Antique car show
• Racing pigs
• Chop show
• Wall climbing A.K.A mountain climbing challenge
• Trampoline
• Blood camp

This festival is not only for the food or wine lovers and not even for a particular age group the October festival is for each and every human alive on this planet whether it be a 60 year old or just a 6-year-old and you would never feel that you made a mistake going to this festival , it’s all about the fun, the food, the wine and the people . you get amazing music amazing food and the wine for which you would count down the days for the next annual fest trust me when I say this to you , don’t miss the festival and if you do I m sure you would regret it .

Recap: Last 5 years of the BBQ world championships

We all have heard that history repeats some of us would have seen it too and I would love to tell you that I have seen history repeat wait all of us have seen fashion repeat, haven’t we? Just like that, I have seen history repeat. Do you know about 28th annual Jack Daniel’s world championship invitational BBQ? It is a world championship where you grab all your talent with charcoals and spices and light your coals or wood chips and get started; this championship is said to be world’s most prestigious BBQ contest I m not bragging I m being true.

As I was talking about history repeating let me tell you that cool smoke (Richmond, VA) won the championship for the 3rd time and I consider it to be history repeating don’t you? The winner not only got the title of the grand champion but his pockets are also overflowing he has earned 10,000 dollars, and that’s a huge amount.

The cool team smoke won their first title in 2013, and their 3rd title in 2016 and stuffy stone formed cool smoke back then in 2004, and when he won the title he went speechless all he said was maybe it’s a dream and that his mouth it hurts from smiling isn’t it great? It’s great to see the passion and dedication of all the teams.

We all tend to talk about the person who secures the first position what about the runner ups or the person who secured the 2nd place? They worked hard as well; pig skin BBQ backed the second position –Rockwell, IA they got the title of reserve grand champion, and they won the title and 2,500 dollars 3rd position was banged by thunder hog BBQ from Versailles, IN and forth by sauce this BBQ from Easton, MD.

The jack not only gives the honoring grand champion and reserve grand champion award but also gives first position in 7 categories the number one is pork ribs which were giving to PIGSKIN BBQ, pork shoulder/butts by STEEL BOOTY BBQ, beef brisket by SHAKE’N BAKE BBQ, chicken by COOL SMOKE, dessert by BEHIND BBQ, cook’s choice by SWEET SMOKE Q and the last category Jack Daniel’s sauce by SMOKEY D’S BBQ . Overall 74 teams from the united states and 22 international teams took part in the championship.

Rules for the championship
• To compete in this championship, the domestic teams need to win at least a state championship that too with at least 25 teams.
• In place of the state championship, the team wishing to take part in championship must win any premiere BBQ competitions in the United States.
If you love BBQ then this championship is for you, you can be the one who repeats the history just like fresh smoke, they secured the 1st position for the third time, and that’s marvelous. Once again congratulations to the cold smoke, you all did a great job.

Charcoal grills – how to use one for the absolute best results

The eras which are gone now considered grilling to be a tough job but the era which is going on right now considers it to be fun why won’t they find it to be fun? they get all the control and convenience and that’s all one wishes while cooking isn’t it? I too personally find it to be fun and crazy I love food and more than any other category of food.

I love grilled food the taste of grilled meat is one of my kind I m a person who loves spicy and when you grill something it depends on you that how spicy you want it to be not only meat can grilled vegetables can be grilled too I love the concept of grilling , grilling is fun grilling is easy and grilling gives you amazing food and more than half of our world is full of foodies ,

I find no harm in it. in fact I love meeting people who love eating because they tell you about something that they have tried and have found it to be amazing then you get that wish that desire to go and try that stuff so for the grilling, meat and every kind of food lovers I have some tricks to get the best results from your charcoal grill are you guys ready ? if yes then continue reading –

In fact I love meeting people who love eating because they tell you about something that they have tried and have found it to be amazing then you get that wish that desire to go and try that stuff so for the grilling, meat and every kind of food lovers I have some tricks to get the best results from your Weber 741001 Charcoal Grill are you guys ready ? if yes then continue reading –

  • It’s all about the temperature so what you need to do is keep one side of the temperature of the grill low than the other one, in other languages just have a two zone layer of temperature
  • Grill some lemon (here’s how) – gives amazing flavor
  • When you plan to make kababs don’t use that old trick of one skewer use 2 in place of one
  • You can keep spraying apple juice while you BBQ- it gives great color
  • When you grill your hot dog try cutting it into spiral and use skewer
  • Before throwing you meat on the grill Pre-cook your meat in your microwave
  • When the turn of cleaning comes clean your grill with a thick slice of onion
  • Do the cleaning task while the grill is still hot

Cooking is easy if you know some crazy tricks you would find my tricks to be a bit weird and a bit hard to trust but once you try you would get to know that these tricks are the best like the 2 zone layer thing it helps you not to burn your meat as people with charcoal grills burn their food cuz they don’t get a place to keep the grilled food until the time they get their food burns and people find cleaning to be difficult as the meat the fat the juices fall on it and stick .

it’s better to clean it while the grill is hot .once you get done with the cooking use onions as the cleaning helper timing is very important when you grill something, be safe while grilling till then ADIOS.

Grilled lobster tails and grilled lobster Sandwich

I had a wonderful weekend I was at my sister’s place and she had to attend 4 parties back to back so I went with her and there I tasted 2 amazing things, one was the lobster tail and the other was lobster sandwich I had no idea how people make such amazing dishes and then my sister introduced me to the host and I was soo excited that I simply went and questioned her if she had made them and to my shock she did and as she didn’t mind sharing the recipe I have decided to share them with you, at last, you deserve to eat yummy stuff too.

Grilled lobster tails

1. Salted butter stick (01)
2. Tarragon leaves (01 tablespoons)
3. Garlic ( 01 minced cloves)
4. Chives (02 tablespoons)
5. Hot sauce
6. Black pepper
7. Lobster tails (04)
8. Salt
9. Lemon wedges
10. Olive oil
11. Bunch of chive sprigs

1. Preheat grill.
2. Take a small bowl, add tarragon leaves, chives, butter, garlic, sauce, black pepper and then take a spatula and I would suggest you to use a rubber one to blend all the ingredients.
3. Once done with blending cover your bowl full of the mixture with plastic and leave it.
4. You need to butterfly your lobsters tail, use shears to butterfly. Insert your skewer into your lobster’s tail and make sure the tail looks straight.
5. Use a brush to brush your lobster’s tail with olive oil.
6. Put salt on the tail.
7. Grill the tail over medium heat for at least 5 minutes or make sure the shell of the tail turns bright.
8. Turn the tail which you are grilling and put some butter on it and again grill it for at least 4 minutes.
9. Once done with the grilling, serve with lemon wedges and butter.
10. Use chive sprigs for garnishing.
lobster grilled cheese sandwich

1. Peasant bread (08 slices)
2. Sliced cheese ( 12 ounces)

Directions –
4. Take a plate and place your crusty bread slices on it.
5. Chop your lobster so that you can place an equal amount of lobster on each bread slice.
6. Once done with the lobster distribution, divide equal cheese for each slice.
7. Put cheese on the lobster and then put another slice of bread on it.
8. Use both your hands and press the sandwich a little.
9. Put some oil on the edges of the bread slice.
10. Turn your grill on.
11. Once turned it on place your sandwich on it.
12. Heat must be medium.
13. Grill till it turns golden brown.
14. Don’t forget to turn it occasionally.
I’m in love with both of these recipes and I hope you are in love as well, to be honest, I never liked eating lobsters so I always stayed away from them but now I think I can’t stop myself from loving these sandwiches or the tails. How can something be this amazing?

I wish to be this amazing as well. If you have any recipe related to lobsters do share them with your friends and family, at least with me because I’m the new lobster lover. Sharing is good for health.

Homemade Beef jerky on a pellet grill

I wish to travel the world because I have an interest in different languages and of course in the food when you travel the world you get to eat something every time, and you simply keep falling in love, and I know it is not difficult to fall in love with food.
Every single time I fall in love with the way the food is cooked or simply with the ingredients and maybe even with the fragrance but being a grill lover and a meat obsessed person I keep searching for meat and grilled food.

One day I was crossing the road, and for your kind information I wasn’t travelling the world at that time I was in my locality only so what happen that day was I was crossing the road, and I found a new restaurant, so I went in and asked to bring their best dish and what they served me left me speechless the fragrance the taste I still have water in my mouth now I m their regular customer so one day I questioned the cook about the steps and the ingredients and he being a sweet guy shared it with me and now I m sharing it with you.

It’s time to know down the ingredients, Ingredients needed for beef jerky

  1. Soy sauce
  2. Brown sugar
  3. Garlic salt
  4. Pellet Grill
  5. Can beer
  6. Black pepper
  7. Beef top
  8. Beef bottom


  1. Take a large bowl and add sugar, salt, garlic salt, beer, soy and Worcestershire sauce.
  2. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl.
  3. Slice your beef using a knife; it would be easier if the knife that you are using is sharp. Slices must be a ¼ inch each.
  4. Trim if you see any fat.
  5. Take a zip lock bag and put slices of beef into it and pour the mixture that you made over the slices in the Ziploc bag.
  6. Turn the bag upside down so that beef gets properly coated with the mixture.
  7. Lock the bag and keep it in your refrigerator for the entire night.
  8. Next day start the grill basically on smoke and keep the lid open till you see fire, this can take 4 to 5 minutes.
  9. Take the beef out and dry it, pat with paper towel.
  10. Sprinkle black pepper on the beef slice.
  11. While arranging the slices make sure you arrange them in a single layer on your grill.
  12. Some for about 5 hours.
  13. Put the slices into a Ziploc bag and let it be in it for an hour.

I was also shocked when I got to know that it’s this simple and, to be honest, I m still shocked. Be confident and just try making it, it’s simple and on the other hand fantastic. It can only make you fall in love and I m already the lover by the way you can serve it with fries or salad it goes with each, and everything so don’t worry about how to serve it, just help it and make others fall in love too.

Honey grilled peaches – Recipe

People think that they can only grill meat or vegetables, but sweethearts let me tell you, you are thinking in a wrong direction you can make desserts also on a grill, summer season needs ice cream, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, and everyone loves some sweetness so I have a sweet and healthy dessert for you not one I have two of them and they go hand in hand, they seriously spread the love with their sweetness.

Both of the desserts include one fruit in the ingredient list, on the one hand, both are healthy, and on the contrary, they are delicious one has ice cream, and the other has chocolate. Now I can see a smile on the faces of my readers, with the name of chocolate and ice cream every one’s face lights up, and I like seeing happy faces all around. Be happy because what you are going to read right now is worth reading.

Now I can see a smile on the faces of my readers, with the name of chocolate and ice cream every one’s face lights up, and I like seeing happy faces all around. Be happy because what you are going to read right now is worth reading.

Ingredients for honey grilled peaches–

1. Honey (04 tablespoons)
2. Brown sugar (01 tablespoons)
3. Ice cream
4. Cinnamon (04 teaspoons)
5. Peaches (04)

1. You need to cut all the peaches into a half.
2. Take the seed out.
3. Put ½ tablespoon honey on all the peaches
4. Place about 1/4 tablespoon of brown sugar and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon over the peaches.
5. Put all of your ready peaches on the grill, make sure you put it on the flat side and heat for at least 4minutes.
6. Remove from the heat and put some scoops of ice-cream.
7. Serve when it’s warm.
With this, you can serve grilled banana smores, don’t know how to make it? Don’t worry when I m here for the rescue.

Ingredients for banana smores-

1. Banana ripe
2. Brown sugar
3. Large size marshmallows
4. Chocolate spread
5. Square crackers


1. Heat your grill; the temperature must be 350 degrees.
2. You need to make split and once done making it cover it with sugar
3. Place your bananas on your grill till they turn soft or just for 5 minutes.
4. Keep them aside once they become soft.
5. Remove the skin and chop into ½ thick slices.
6. Insert skewers into the large size marshmallows; grill till they turn brown- just for 2 minutes.
7. Put some chocolate spread on the crackers then banana and them marshmallows, in the end, put another bread on it
I know you didn’t expect the combination of healthy and delicious but now you have something like this now if your kids ask for chocolates or ice creams I don’t think any of you would think once before saying yes, I can understand how difficult it can be being a parent you don’t like watching your kid sit with a sad face and on the other hand you can always let them eat unhealthily but now I think that you have got a solution to it you can give them ice cream but with a fruit and same goes with the chocolate.

Happy parenting guys.
Keep reading, keep eating, keep enjoying and keep loving, and I’ll be sharing more fun to cook recipes