5 Most popular BBQ joints across the globe

 One of the most loved love affairs is said to be between BBQ and a foodie don’t you think so? With increasing lovers the trend of BBQ has also increased tremendously with increasing love for BBQ, BBQ joints have also increased in number but what about the most popular ones? Everybody in this world wants to eat the best don’t you think so? Don’t you wish to eat world’s best BBQ? I don’t know about you, but I seriously want to and to satisfy this desire of me I have made a list of 5 world’s best and most popular BBQ joints and so have I packed my bags because I want to try all these 5 places as soon as I can I don’t want to miss a single place.

The list of 5 most popular BBQ joints is given below –

  1. Blue ribbon BBQ – everyone who loves BBQ should visit this place for once, people in blue ribbon smoke pork shoulders for about 14 hours, how cool is that? Smoking something till the time it falls apart only at last BBQ is all about happiness, magic, and slow cooking or wait is slow cooking the magic?  People in blue ribbon BBQ even serve beef brisket with oak, and the fun part is that they smoke beef brisket also for minimum 14 hours they also serve dry- rubbed chicken thighs ( boneless ) and much more.
  2. Heirloom Market BBQ – ever heard about this place? If not then this is the day when I m going to tell you about one of the places where you can feel as if you are in heaven and when I say this you have to trust me you would never regret going to this place people love the smoked turkey they serve and more to it everything on the menu is super good. You need to try all of the menus and give it a review in your on your own and again saying don’t forget to order the smoked turkey when you visit this place.
  3. Smoque BBQ – smoke BBQ is said to be one of the most recognized and loved BBQ joints in Chicago, smoke BBQ  serves you its flavor as it keeps mixing different styles and once you mix two different styles you get something new and amazing.
  4. Double j Smokehouse and saloon – double j Smokehouse and Saloon is a great place to visit they offer great pork steaks to their costumers, and they even have two types of ribs one dry and the other wet
  5. Skylight Inn BBQ – I hope all my readers know about this great place if not then let me tell you local people call this place as  “Pete Jones’ BBQ” because of Pete Jone the owner, you know he was just 17 when he opened this place, and the former president gave him an award , he serves worlds best hog pork that too with corn bread and I think slaw too .

These five joints are amazing, I wish to visit all of these joints and soon I would.

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