Electric smokers- How to smoke corn

When you meet people you not only meet them you even meet their likes and dislikes, I’m a person who can’t stay at home I love travelling and meeting new people it’s like I get to know about other cultures and especially food but apart from food when I met new people I learn different ways of cooking and I think everything that I mentioned above is fun, one is meet a stranger and to be honest now is not a stranger so she taught me a recipe and I was shocked to see how simple the recipe was so I thought each and everyone in this world must know about it.

Ingredients needed –

1. Olive oil (¼ cup)
2. Onion (¼ cup)
3. Butter
4. Corn

1. You need to remove the silk and keep the husks.
2. Take a pot and fill it with icy water.
3. Place corn inside the pot.
4. You need to allow the ears to stay in the cold water for about 2 hours.
5. Once you take the ears out just dry them with the help of a towel.
6. You need to rub oil on all the kernels that you have.
7. It’s time you take the onion slices and place them on cobs once set cover them using husks.
8. Prepare your Masterbuilt 20070311 electric smoker.
9. The temperature must be 225 degrees.
10. Once you reach 225 degrees of temperature place ears in the smoker.
11. While placing keep it in mind that there must be sufficient space between all the ears.
12. After 30 minutes take the ears out and place a teaspoon of butter under the husk of the ear and do it carefully.
13. Repeat step number 12 after about 30 minutes.

14.You need to smoke your corn again for at least 30 minutes.

Coming to an end I have some stuff to say, while you cook, grill, smoke or anything else just keep in mind that you can do it and even if it tastes bad you will try again I had seen people leave cooking because when they tried cooking something, it didn’t feel well. If the first time doesn’t go well it’s okay people life is not ending here.

I once had a friend who didn’t cook well but now he is a chef and what else would anyone want? How is he a chef? Because he never left trying, he kept trying, and he never stopped putting efforts, and that’s how you should always deal with situations, life is simple if you look at it as if it is simple.

Make a mindset that everything in this world is as easy as the recipe mentioned above and you won’t ever fail, I know many of you cook for fun, and some of you see cooking as your career and cooking as a career choice is great.
Coming to the recipe, you can fry some onions, tomatoes and have some lemon while serving the dish as all of this expands the yumminess, happy eating guys. I love eating, and I hope you too enjoy eating.

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