Grilled lobster tails and grilled lobster Sandwich

I had a wonderful weekend I was at my sister’s place and she had to attend 4 parties back to back so I went with her and there I tasted 2 amazing things, one was the lobster tail and the other was lobster sandwich I had no idea how people make such amazing dishes and then my sister introduced me to the host and I was soo excited that I simply went and questioned her if she had made them and to my shock she did and as she didn’t mind sharing the recipe I have decided to share them with you, at last, you deserve to eat yummy stuff too.

Grilled lobster tails

1. Salted butter stick (01)
2. Tarragon leaves (01 tablespoons)
3. Garlic ( 01 minced cloves)
4. Chives (02 tablespoons)
5. Hot sauce
6. Black pepper
7. Lobster tails (04)
8. Salt
9. Lemon wedges
10. Olive oil
11. Bunch of chive sprigs

1. Preheat grill.
2. Take a small bowl, add tarragon leaves, chives, butter, garlic, sauce, black pepper and then take a spatula and I would suggest you to use a rubber one to blend all the ingredients.
3. Once done with blending cover your bowl full of the mixture with plastic and leave it.
4. You need to butterfly your lobsters tail, use shears to butterfly. Insert your skewer into your lobster’s tail and make sure the tail looks straight.
5. Use a brush to brush your lobster’s tail with olive oil.
6. Put salt on the tail.
7. Grill the tail over medium heat for at least 5 minutes or make sure the shell of the tail turns bright.
8. Turn the tail which you are grilling and put some butter on it and again grill it for at least 4 minutes.
9. Once done with the grilling, serve with lemon wedges and butter.
10. Use chive sprigs for garnishing.
lobster grilled cheese sandwich

1. Peasant bread (08 slices)
2. Sliced cheese ( 12 ounces)

Directions –
4. Take a plate and place your crusty bread slices on it.
5. Chop your lobster so that you can place an equal amount of lobster on each bread slice.
6. Once done with the lobster distribution, divide equal cheese for each slice.
7. Put cheese on the lobster and then put another slice of bread on it.
8. Use both your hands and press the sandwich a little.
9. Put some oil on the edges of the bread slice.
10. Turn your grill on.
11. Once turned it on place your sandwich on it.
12. Heat must be medium.
13. Grill till it turns golden brown.
14. Don’t forget to turn it occasionally.
I’m in love with both of these recipes and I hope you are in love as well, to be honest, I never liked eating lobsters so I always stayed away from them but now I think I can’t stop myself from loving these sandwiches or the tails. How can something be this amazing?

I wish to be this amazing as well. If you have any recipe related to lobsters do share them with your friends and family, at least with me because I’m the new lobster lover. Sharing is good for health.

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