Honey grilled peaches – Recipe

People think that they can only grill meat or vegetables but sweethearts let me tell you, you are thinking in a wrong direction you can make desserts also on a grill, summer season needs ice cream, doesn’t it? Yes, it does and everyone loves some sweetness so I have a sweet and healthy dessert for you actually not one I have two of them and they go hand in hand, they seriously spread the love with their sweetness. Both of the desserts include one fruit in the ingredient list, on one hand, both are healthy and on the other hand, they are delicious one has ice cream and the other has chocolate. Now I can see a smile on the faces of my readers, with the name of chocolate and ice cream every one’s face lights up and I like seeing happy faces all around. Be happy because what you are going to read right now is worth reading.

Ingredients for honey grilled peaches–
1. Honey (04 tablespoons)
2. Brown sugar (01 tablespoon)
3. Ice cream
4. Cinnamon (04 teaspoons)
5. Peaches (04)
1. You need to cut all the peaches into a half.
2. Take the seed out.
3. Put ½ tablespoon honey on all the peaches
4. Put about 1/4 tablespoon of brown sugar and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon over the peaches.
5. Put all of your ready peaches on the grill, make sure you put it on the flat side and heat for at least 4minutes.
6. Remove from the heat and put some scoops of ice-cream.
7. Serve when it’s warm.
With this, you can serve grilled banana smores, don’t know how to make it? Don’t worry when I m here for the rescue.
Ingredients for banana smores-
1. Banana ripe
2. Brown sugar
3. Large size marshmallows
4. Chocolate spread
5. Square crackers
1. Heat your grill, the temperature must be 350 degrees.
2. You need to make slit and once done making it cover it with sugar
3. Place your bananas on your grill till they turn soft or just for 5 minutes.
4. Keep them aside once they turn soft.
5. Remove the skin and chop into ½ thick slices.
6. Insert skewers into the large size marshmallows; grill till they turn brown- just for 2 minutes.
7. Put some chocolate spread on the crackers then banana and them marshmallows, in the end, put another cracker on it
I know you didn’t expect the combination of healthy and delicious but now you have something like this now if your kids ask for chocolates or ice creams I don’t think any of you would think once before saying yes, I can understand how difficult it can be being a parent you don’t like watching your kid sit with a sad face and on the other hand you can always let them eat unhealthily but now I think that you have got a solution to it you can give them ice cream but with a fruit and same goes with the chocolate. Happy parenting guys.
Keep reading, keep eating, keep enjoying and keep loving and I’ll be sharing more fun to cook recipes

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