Recap: Last 5 years of the BBQ world championships

We all have heard that history repeats some of us would have seen it too and I would love to tell you that I have seen history repeat wait all of us have seen fashion repeat, haven’t we? Just like that, I have seen history repeat. Do you know about 28th annual Jack Daniel’s world championship invitational BBQ? It is a world championship where you grab all your talent with charcoals and spices and light your coals or wood chips and get started; this championship is said to be world’s most prestigious BBQ contest I m not bragging I m being true.

As I was talking about history repeating let me tell you that cool smoke (Richmond, VA) won the championship for the 3rd time and I consider it to be history repeating don’t you? The winner not only got the title of the grand champion but his pockets are also overflowing he has earned 10,000 dollars, and that’s a huge amount.

The cool team smoke won their first title in 2013, and their 3rd title in 2016 and stuffy stone formed cool smoke back then in 2004, and when he won the title he went speechless all he said was maybe it’s a dream and that his mouth it hurts from smiling isn’t it great? It’s great to see the passion and dedication of all the teams.

We all tend to talk about the person who secures the first position what about the runner ups or the person who secured the 2nd place? They worked hard as well; pig skin BBQ backed the second position –Rockwell, IA they got the title of reserve grand champion, and they won the title and 2,500 dollars 3rd position was banged by thunder hog BBQ from Versailles, IN and forth by sauce this BBQ from Easton, MD.

The jack not only gives the honoring grand champion and reserve grand champion award but also gives first position in 7 categories the number one is pork ribs which were giving to PIGSKIN BBQ, pork shoulder/butts by STEEL BOOTY BBQ, beef brisket by SHAKE’N BAKE BBQ, chicken by COOL SMOKE, dessert by BEHIND BBQ, cook’s choice by SWEET SMOKE Q and the last category Jack Daniel’s sauce by SMOKEY D’S BBQ . Overall 74 teams from the united states and 22 international teams took part in the championship.

Rules for the championship
• To compete in this championship, the domestic teams need to win at least a state championship that too with at least 25 teams.
• In place of the state championship, the team wishing to take part in championship must win any premiere BBQ competitions in the United States.
If you love BBQ then this championship is for you, you can be the one who repeats the history just like fresh smoke, they secured the 1st position for the third time, and that’s marvelous. Once again congratulations to the cold smoke, you all did a great job.

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