What’s the wine and BBQ tour?

Before knowing about what’s there in the wine and BBQ tour lets first know the beautiful history, you would be thinking how history can be fascinating history always be boring, but that’s not true once you would get done with reading the story you would understand why I called it to be a beautiful history, Joe sink, publisher of the dispatch was discussing about his love for the festivals in 1980’s and, to be honest, he wasn’t aware that his discussion would actually lead to hosting the most wanted, most famous food festival .

October 27, 1984, the first event, the festival was organized, and all loved it. Doesn’t it sound great to know that a discussion can turn out to be some great fun? More to it now October is seen as barbecue month, and all the credit goes to the conference, to Joe sink, Tokay sanitising, and to Kay’s daughter now the food festival is seen as an annual tradition , now it would be taking place for the 34th time as usual on the last Saturday of October which 28th October .

Surprisingly the festival starts from the first day of the month itself before the grand finale – the festive day.

The month of October is a month full of events, and for all the October lovers the list of events is given below –
1. Pig- the annual cycling event
2. Golf tournament
3. Fishing tournament
4. Petanque tournament
5. The Pepsi “ pig tales” writing competition
6. Que up! Brew up! – Live music, food trucks, etc
7. Hawg run
8. Car show extravaganza
9. Hogway Speedway
10. Purina pro plan performance team dog show
11. Barbecue tents
12. Souvenir tent
13. Bicycle stunt shows
14. “ Festival chop shop” lumberjack sports show

For all the BBQ and wine lovers here, I m sharing the most loved menu of all the time –
1. Chopped sandwiches
2. Hot dogs
3. Pigtail fries
4. Wine garden
5. Fine swine wine – specially made wine by Mark Fris Zolo ki, the award winning wine maker

Did you think I would share the entire menu? Bad for you or maybe good for you, surprises are always good I believe but yes I can tell you about the special attractions, the list of special attraction is given below –

• Annual sand sculpture
• Juried arts and crafts
• Bicycle stunt shows
• Antique car show
• Racing pigs
• Chop show
• Wall climbing A.K.A mountain climbing challenge
• Trampoline
• Blood camp

This festival is not only for the food or wine lovers and not even for a particular age group the October festival is for each and every human alive on this planet whether it be a 60 year old or just a 6-year-old and you would never feel that you made a mistake going to this festival , it’s all about the fun, the food, the wine and the people . you get amazing music amazing food and the wine for which you would count down the days for the next annual fest trust me when I say this to you , don’t miss the festival and if you do I m sure you would regret it .

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